Mini Pocket Umbrella

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Very small and extremely lightweight

Weight  7 oz
Length  6.6in
The 5 Folding Construction make it ultra compact & lightweight.
It fits conveniently in your backpack, purse, or suitcase.Light & small enough to carry around.

Mini & Lightweight Umbrella

Only 6.6 inches long when closed make this umbrella as big as your cell phone. And sturdy and light aluminum alloy makes it weigh only about 7 oz, a truly handy and portable umbrella, suitable for people on the go.


Portable & Travel Umbrella

Light, small & compact enough to perfectly fit into your purse, handbag or backpack and. This mini umbrella is portable for anyone, especially go for a travel!




Keep the rain off

This umbrella is small enough to fit under the seat and small enough to fit in a purse or backpack. It isn't the most sturdy umbrella you‘ve used but it repels the rain and keeps you dry. It seems to be normal sized when it is opened and it is nice and compact when folded down.



Some people have remarked that is is hard to lock in the open position. This is because of the thicker and normal umbrella fabric that is used and it takes a bit of extra effort to stretch it tight to the open position.