4 USB Fast Charger

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Product features


*Simultaneously charge 4 devices at the best charging speed.

*The fire-resistant PC material is one-time formed and durable.

*Qc3.0 fast charging technology is built in to provide fast charging for your .

*Over current, over voltage, over temperature, over charge and other multiple protections of charging .

*Small and light design, suitable for home, tourism, office and other places.

*Support brand mobile / tablet digital products.


Matters needing attention:


1. If it is found that the power adapter emits large working noise or even smoke, stop using immediately.

2. When you do not use electronic products, you'd better unplug the power adapter to save energy.

3. Please do not place the power adapter in a humid or over heated environment, so as to avoid different degrees of damage to the internal electronic components and shorten the service life of the electronic components. Do not fall or flood.

4. Clean the charging interface of the power adapter regularly. It is best to prepare a good quality antistatic cloth when cleaning. Remember not to use dry cloth.