Cute Fridge Sticker

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Decorate your fridge door so you can smile everyday!


A simple fridge door is boring. Be creative and make it unique. Make it your own so that it fits and reflects you, your home and your personality.




It can be applied to any smooth , clean and dry surface of walls,Car, tiles, glass, furniture and it‘s easy to remove.


Not suitable for dirty or rough surface.


No transfer film needed, simply peel and stick.


How to use:

Ensure the surface is smooth, do not stick on the rough or uneven surface.

Choose the place you want to apply, clean up the ash and grease, keep it dry and clean.

Stick in accordance with the  picture, or DIY in your own idea.

Peel off the paper and then  stick on the wall, pave from the middle to left and  right.

Enjoy 😊😊😊