Heavenly Leg Pillow

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Are your legs feeling like a 30 pound bag of cement?

The Heavenly Leg Pillow is the perfect product for you.


After a long day for our legs carrying our body pressure, the best way to release the tension and pain is to lift our legs and feet and keep them up for a while.

With the Heavenly Leg Pillow you‘ll be able to relax your whole body in a healthy way. 


The Heavenly Leg Pillow is easy to inflate through the mouth or pump.


The Versatile Design works perfectly when sleeping, lying or sitting to support and raise the legs and knees to relax the neck, shoulders, back, and abnormal body pressure.



Throughout pregnancy an absolutely must have.


Raising your legs can help prevent blood stasis and varicose veins. It not only reduces the pain caused by leg lag, but also keeps your body in the best position for better recovery.



Comfortable to use and  touch, washable and easy to clean (wipe with a damp cloth).


The new valve design is easy to inflate and deflate in office or home use, making it easy to travel, saves space, and can be easily inflated whenever and wherever needed, with a folded size of about 10*20*16inch.