Watermelon Slicer

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If you wanna cut up a melon *real fast* for the family, this is the thing!

This turns a tedious job into very fast process. Best of all, it has no truly sharp edges (plastic + sheet metal) so it'd be reasonably safe for kids to use. 

This watermelon slicer come with one automatic cutter blade, just push the watermelon slicer tool into watermelon, watermelon cubes come out automatic. Watermelon cutting ruler help you to measure 0-2CM cubes as your ideal size.


Quickly and effortlessly cuts into the watermelon fruit; allowing for fast and easy serving straight out of the melon cube onto the plate.

Make your own watermelon salad in one minute, enjoy refreshing watermelon cubes hassle free without dealing with drippy mess.



The watermelon slicer features nice rounded edges and non-sharp blades, making it safe for kids use.🙂