Dumpling Mould Maker

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You do love hand pies, dumplings, ravioli, calzones empanadas & co but don‘t really enjoy making them?

The Dumpling Mould Maker is your thing!

Simply cut, fold & press and your pie is ready!
Easy breezy!

Use flour when pressing the empanadas and press hard to seal it tight.
Multifunctional design: a decorative crimped edge design helps seal your favorite fillings inside & looks great for presentation. Back side features a circle for cutting out dough to the perfect size.

A few tips is to make sure your dough covers the ridges completely:
When you close it, press down hard enough to make sure the edges seal properly, and before opening, pull off any excess dough from the side. Also, if you find your dough sticking to these, just rub a tiny bit of flour on the inside.
Make dumplings faster, easier & more enjoyable.
Food grade ABS material, hygienic and environmentally friendly, good antibacterial, wearable and durable, easy to clean. 
No matter whether you make dumplings or not, you don't have to care about the shape of the dumplings.
Just press the dumpling mold to complete the beautiful dumplings.