Rotatable Car Cup Holder

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Don‘t know where to put your sunglasses, keys, phone? You carry a lot of things with you in the car.

You may also have them organized!

The Rotatable Car Cup Holder is the perfect solution for you.

The multifunctional car storage box with offers you space for your mobile phone, sunglasses, pen, 2 layers holder for beverages, bottom layers for small stuff such as keys or coins.

360 degreed: the rotation for top 3 layers increase more space to hold drinks and easy to save space.

Rubber cup body cover, designed to keep your drinks stable during driving on rough road.

Sweet erect rack design on the top, keeps your phone or glasses stuck inside, also include 2 holes for putting your pens, perfect fit pen sizes.

The Rotatable Car Cup Holder is universal to most cars, saves space and keeps your car organized.